6" Reflector With Solar Filter

This telescope is actually my first "real" scope.  I purchased it in 1972 at the ripe old age of 13, using money I earned from mowing lawns.  It is a 6" f/10 Optical Craftsman reflector (company long since out of business) with superb optics.  The mirror was ground to 1/25 wave (1/12 wavefront).  It yields wonderful images!

The solar filter is a glass Bausch and Lomb which I purchased for $25 at the astronomy "swap meet" at the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference in 1986.  It is a neutral density filter, giving wonderful - natural yellow - images.  So what that it's an 8" filter.  I just made an adapter to put it on my 6" scope!  This scope is still in good working order - except for the clock drive.

6solar1.jpg (93522 bytes)