Inside/Back View


This picture was taken about midway into the observatory looking toward the South.  This photo shows the old design scope. As you can see, we had to plan carefully on the height of the walls so the roof would clear the scope when it is rolled off. The roof was rolled about 1/2 way off in this view and there is only about 8" clearance above the scope. The new scope had to meet these specifications.
On the left hand side of the main scope you can see the 11 x 80 finder, the Telrad finder, and the 2" short rack and pinion focuser. You can also see the controls for the drive corrector and the declination circle (on edge) sticking through the fork arm.
Along the far wall at the top you can see the castors upon which the roof rolls. The object on the tripod is the suspension mount for astronomical binoculars. When in use the binoculars are mounted on the long side (from the pivot) and a counterweight on the other. The system operates on the principle of parallelograms so when any object is found in the binoculars, the suspension system can be raised or lowered to accommodate varying heights of observers, without losing the object!
The ten inch Dobsonian telescope (white) also belongs to me. You can see much of our cabinet/storage space.