Open The Hatch!


This is a view show the older version telescope toward the Northeast with the observatory roof rolled off. The whole operation of rolling off the roof takes only about 5 minutes. The 8 load binders must be detached on the inside, the scope must be confirmed in a position in which the truss/optical assembly is HORIZONTAL!, and then it's time to pull on the rope connected to the pulley on the rear gable. If you look at the roof, under the eaves, it looks like there is unpainted wood there. It's not wood, it's carpet! This was our solution to stopping snow from coming into the building through the roof rails. The carpet is attached above the rails, but not underneath. It simply hangs over rails and is allowed to move off with the roof. The carpet is only about 12" wide. This allows it to be stiff enough that it rarely moves, even in a high wind.