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Recent Astrophotos

Aurorae - May 10/11, 2024!

Total Solar Eclipse - Mason TX 4-8-24

Annular Eclipse of the Sun

South of Farmington NM

Time Lapse Video Here

Aurorae 4-23-23

Aurorae 3-23-23

STEVE - 3-23-23(Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement)

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Rho Ophiuchi and the Blue Horsehead

Winner 2022 Nebraska Star Party

Astrophotography Contest

Markarian's Chain

A Group of Galaxies in Virgo

The Veil Nebula Complex (Stars Removed)

Photographed at the 2022 Nebraska Star Party

Same Image With 50% of Stars

Lunar Eclipse May 15th 2022

The Pleiades and California Nebula - Dec 2nd 2021

Comet Leonard and M3 - Dec 2nd 2021

IC 1396 in Cepheus

M45 - The Pleiades

Comet Neowise - Summer 2020

Taken at the Unofficial Nebraska Star Party

The ISS Crossing The Sun

 As Seen From The Observatory 6-13-2020

Canon 5DMKIV at 400 ISO, EF 500mm f4 v.1 with 1.4x teleconverter

shot in 4k video 30fps 1/1250 sec at f11 with selected frames saved

as stills and stacked in PhotoShop.

Observatory Photos!

Do You Want to Come See It?!

The Great Andromeda Galaxy - M31 - 8-29-2019

Canon 7DMK2, EF 500mm f4 at f4, ISO 3200, stack of 8 - 2 minute exposures. 

Stacked in DSS and processed in PhotoShop  Mount - Orion Eq-g aligned with PoleMaster

Milky Way and Zodiacal light from Honey Creek Observatory.

Tripod mounted Canon 5DMKIV at 3200 ISO, Sigma 14mm f1.8 at 1.8 for 10 sec.


Comet 46P Wirtenan

Photographed Dec 15th with Canon 5DMKIV at 4000 ISO, 30 sec exposure with Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II at f2.8.

Camera/lens mounted on an Orion Atlas equatorial mount for tracking.

Photographed Dec 13 with Canon 5DMKIV at 3200 ISO, 10 sec exposure with Sigma 14mm f1.8 at f1.8

Photos Taken At The Nebraska Star Party 2018

The North American and Pelican Nebulae

Milky Way - Galactic Center

Milky Way - Summer Triangle

NGC 7293 - The Helix

Comet 21p Giacobini-Zinner

The Double Cluster in Perseus

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 - Stack of 6 images of the corona

Eclipse Photos Can Be Purchased On My Photo Site Here

2 images of the diamond ring!

How about some prominences?

Earthshine at totality!  See the craters/maria?  The Earth is reflecting light on the moon!


Aurorae Taken 5-27-2017 About 15 Miles North of O'Neill Nebraska

Known Locally as the Stone Windmill 

The Blood Super Moon  9-27-15

Aurorae Photographed Approx. 12:15 AM 6-23-2015


Comet Lovejoy  1-9-2015

Lunar Halo  12-31-2014 (Norton Kansas)


Partial Solar Eclipse  10-23-2014

Total Lunar Eclipse At Seven Hills Observatory 4-15-2014

The Observatory and the PVAO Journeyed To Chaco Canyon New Mexico For The Annular Eclipse of 2012!

Click Below For Video!  Audio Controls Were Placed On This Page So You Can Shut Off/Pause The Sound, So It Does Not Interfere With The Video Sound.  Make Sure To Choose The Highest Resolution!

Then Came The Transit of Venus!  June 5, 2012  Once Again a Beautiful Sight and Shared With Many in Kearney Nebraska!

Click Below For Video!  Audio Controls Were Placed On This Page So You Can Shut Off/Pause The Sound, So It Does Not Interfere With The Video Sound.  Make Sure To Choose The Highest Resolution!



Lunar Halo - Photographed at Seven Hills Observatory

C/2006 P1  Comet McNaught - Photographed at Seven Hills Observatory 1/9/2007

The Transit of Mercury  11-08-06  Photographed at Seven Hills Observatory

Comet C/2006 M4 Swan (Comet Swan) photographed at Seven Hills Observatory 10/27/06

Aurora Borealis - May 15th 2005

Photos of the Observatory

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The Seven Hills Observatory Reflector!

6solarsm.jpg (10341 bytes)
6" Solar Scope

smsolarsm.JPG (12802 bytes)
Swarovski and Baader Planetarium Filter

Inside/Back View!

Open The Hatch!

Photos by John Kozak and Mark Urwiller

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